So how does Eastlink actually work?

Eastlink works in a very simple way.

If you are buying:

The Eastlink platform is a b2b dedicated marketplace. Here you can find the best suppliers for the projects you need to execute, no matter what market you are in. You can find any type of supplier, from steel producers to winch builders all connected by one Network. The costs invested in researching suppliers will be considerably reduced. This in return, offers the team the possibility to focus more on contractual agreements.

Save time, pick the right supplier

Eastlink offers buyers a wide diversity of benefits. Starting with the classical time-saver, the wide variety of suppliers and of course a negotiation basis.

If you are selling:

The Eastlink platform is the perfect solution to keep your production line busy at all times. Joining our platform you will constantly have the opportunity to find new projects. Compete against a world of suppliers and prove you are the best.

Fill your production line

Eastlink also offers suppliers lot of benefits. You get to place offers for projects worldwide and get a chance to negotiate. You enjoy a transparent process and fair chances to win.