About us


EASTLINK is a digital platform what hundreds of companies across the globe will connect with each other. The platform will take the preselection for suppliers out of your hand the moment you have given in your inquiry with the specific wishes/demands you have for the supplier or their delivered goods.

Just because your inquiry will be seen by all the serious members of the platform will result in a respectable delivery conditions and competitive prices from the moment the project is given. The prices are hidden and will force the supplier to come with the best price and calculation your project. However the price is, not always the most important criteria to go in business with a supplier; all your other values need to be respected as well.

This platform will give you the opportunity to receive, or even specifically pre-selected, counter offers from area's which you didn't even visited before or not even capable of doing this; EASTLINK will bring for instance that particular company from Peru to you instead of you spending too much time of doing this. With EASTLINK you will safe time and you will have a much faster possibility to check the net for the best offers. Your procurement department can spend now more time on contract details and final negotiations.

There are no limits to the projects offered on this site, in principle they can all be asked to produce, install or maintain.

EASTLINK will give the requestor and supplier all around the world a fare chance to become successful worldwide.


  • Your procurement partner
  • The best balance between conditions and price
  • Worldwide procurement.
  • Your international supplier network.
  • Your outsourcing partner
  • Your procurement solution partner.
  • International procurement solutions.
  • Higher quality proposal
  • Collaborate in real-time

EASTLINK is all in one system that supports your whole process, without the paperwork and travel. Save time, save money and focus on content/project that wins business.


About Eastlink

Our team


Petrus Siebrandus ter Schure

CEO Eastlink

Paulien ter Schure

Marketing coordinator

phone: +316 12 76 22 41

e-mail: p.terschure@eastlink.eu

Mariana Arapoglu

Sales support

phone: +407 26 16 35 13

e-mail: m.arapoglu@eastlink.eu

Simona Pascal

Sales representative

phone: +407 23 24 74 94

e-mail: simona@eastlink.eu

Razvan Radu-Buculei

IT coordinator