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What is Eastlink

Eastlink is your professional maritime marketplace!

B2B business provider

Eastlink, a b2b platform dedicated to maritime companies, helps find new contacts and extend the client's network.

As a DMT Marine Equipment subsidiary, a globally recognized company in designing and manufacturing all types of winches and deck equipment, Eastlink has gathered knowledge and experience in the maritime industry.

Eastlink developed a solid know-how of the maritime industry's needs, making us your virtual team player who helps your departments find new projects and suppliers and eliminate obsolete stock.

We aim to accelerate the maritime sector's purchasing and sales process and connect specialized companies between them.

Join this professional maritime marketplace!


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How does Eastlink work?

Eastlink works in a very simple way!
Whether you are looking for the right supplier for your project of for the right project to supplement your production agenda, this is all possible on Eastlink.

If you are selling

Search projects

Search our database from the Maritime industry

Place bid

Place a bid for the projects that fit your profile

Selected by client

Once selected by the project owner, start working to get the project done

If you are buying

Place project

Place your project on the platform with all the (technical) details and drawings

Wait till be accepted

After you placed your project within 24 hours we will delete your logo and contact details and upload in on the platform

Invite your suppliers

Invite also your suppliers so you will receive all the offers at one place

Get offers

Check the project to see the offers you received.

Select supplier

Select the best supplier for your project and start the communication

Why choose Eastlink?

Eastlink generates business with minimum sales costs.

  • fills your production line when projects are low
  • reduces sales costs
  • finds online solutions for projects that need immediate execution
  • reduces time spent on searching for suppliers and production availability
  • offers a better turnover by selling your outdated stock
  • promote your services and products


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Eastlink latest reviews

What does our customers think about us

Through Eastlink we have found a new supplier that was not known in our network yet! The easy use and one place where you can find all the offers for your project works for us!

DMT Marine Equipment

We are a small company and Eastlink gives us the opportunity to do projects that wouldn't have come up otherwise.