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What is Eastlink

Eastlink is a business to business provider platform

Eastlink platform is a b2b dedicated service that provides both business opportunities as well as a large diversity of producers and products for all markets and industries.

The world is overload with companies with their own specialty but still unknown for you. Find those new contacts with Eastlink and expand your business network! Besides the unknown companies over the world there is a stock overload at companies. Do you have obsolete stock then put it on Eastlink and find your supplier(s) for your unwanted stock.

Eastlink is your virtual team player that helps your department to find new projects, new suppliers and to get rid of your stock.


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B2B business provider

How does Eastlink work?

Eastlink works in a very simple way.

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Why choose Eastlink?

Eastlink generates business with minimum sales costs.

  • Fills your production line when projects are low
  • Reduces sales costs
  • Finds online solutions for projects that need immediate execution
  • Reduces time spent on searching suppliers and production availability
  • Offers solutions 24/7 worldwide.
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Why choose Eastlink


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What does our customers think about us

Through Eastlink we have found a new supplier that was not known in our network yet! The easy use and one place where you can find all the offers for your project works for us!

DMT Marine Equipment

We are a small company and Eastlink gives us the opportunity to do projects that wouldn't have come up otherwise.


Our members

DMT Marine Equipment