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Connect with clients and suppliers worldwide

What is Eastlink

Eastlink is a business to business provider platform

The Eastlink platform is a b2b dedicated service that provides both business opportunities as well as a large diversity of producers and products for all markets and industries.

Eastlink replaces your sales & purchasing efforts and gives you the possibility to find a fast and reliable solution. Connect with thousands of suppliers or clients worldwide, sell your products or services and get things done fast!


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How does Eastlink work?

Eastlink works in a very simple way.

To be part of this network of business opportunities and solutions for jobs you need done, simply join our platform by signing-up.

The next step is to create you profile with all the information requested, verify your credibility and enjoy the benefits. Not sure where you can sign-up? Just click the button below.


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How does it work for you as supplier

  1. Create an account
  2. Place your anoymous bid and compete with the other bidders.
  3. Your bid will be judged by the client
  4. Become a preferred bidder and get in contact with the client
  5. Come to an agreement.

How does it work for you as client

  1. Create an account
  2. Place your anoymous project to get fair prices
  3. Compare all the offers
  4. Get the contact details of your chosen suppliers.
  5. Get in contact with the supplier and come to an agreement.

Why choose Eastlink?

Eastlink generates business with minimum sales costs.

  • Fills your production line when projects are low
  • Reduces sales costs
  • Finds online solutions for projects that need immediate execution
  • Reduces time spent on searching suppliers and production availability
  • Offers solutions 24/7 worldwide.
  • Sign up now and try Eastlink 3 months for free!


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Why choose Eastlink


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