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Eastlink, a Solution for Sustainable Shipping

Eastlink, a Solution for Sustainable Shipping

The maritime industry is continuously challenged by innovations, both technological and managerial. Shipping is witnessing so many changes due to digitization so quickly that if you blink you might miss a development. Due to stricter environmental regulations and the high costs required for technology improvements, shipping enterprises face tough business decisions every day.

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The environmental future for maritime industries

The environmental future for maritime industries

The Maritime industry is one of the most extensive industries that pollute the environment. The reason is that this industry contains 90 per cent of the world trade, and the ships are massive, most of which are powered by fossil fuels.

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Eastlink B2B Mobile App

Eastlink B2B Mobile App

According to recent studies, mobile devices drive over 45% of B2B e-commerce transactions for leading organizations. That’s a wide-reaching market but this is only the beginning. According to Forbes, B2B e-commerce will grow to $7.6 trillion by 2023, with most operations being mobile.

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The Benefits of using Eastlink

The Benefits of using Eastlink

The B2B marketplace has seen massive growth in recent years. Regardless the industry, the enterprises started to be part of this new wave of doing business online. The analysts identified five positive effects on the companies offering online B2B services.

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