Eastlink BV - how it works



Procurement is a strategic process that a company can leverage to boost the bottom line of its growing business. Knowing the latest trends and onboarding the best procurement solutions can reduce costs and present new opportunities for the company.

Procurement is no longer a task that needs to be “dealt with.” Already, companies are rapidly shifting to relying more on software systems to streamline the process rather than manual tasks performed by people.

This sudden transition applies in the maritime industry, as well. The companies realized that business systems and flows need to be agile if an organization faces any storm.

Now, more than ever, the maritime industry needs to be ready for any rapid shift. And a digital procurement process with the best software for the business is one way to ensure that the company keeps moving forward, no matter what the world throws its way. Eastlink can provide that agility. Eastlink is accessible, easy to learn and easier to use. Whether you are looking for the right supplier for your project or for the right project to supplement your production agenda, this is all possible with Eastlink.

But is a platform like Eastlink really so easy to use for the procurement department? The answer on this question is Yes! You only have to follow five easy steps that will help your business:

Step 1:      Place you project on our platform with all the technical details and drawings

Step 2:      After you placed your project, within 24 hours we will delete your logo and contact details and upload it on the platform

Step 3:      Invite also your suppliers so you will receive all the offers in one place

Step 4:      Check the project to see the offers you received

Step 5:      Select the best supplier for your project and start the communication

Above all these, Eastlink is mobile. It manages everything with one seamless app that quickly syncs with your account and system. Alerts notify the subscribers in case of a bid or a question and it’s available both for android and IOS devices.

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