Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

Check the frequently asked questions and see if you can find an answer. If not, we invite you to contact us directly. We will help you with pleasure!

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Eastlink, a b2b platform dedicated to maritime companies, helps find new contacts and extend the client's network.

We aim to accelerate the maritime sector's purchasing and sales process and connect specialized companies between them.

After one year, it's possible to revile a request to reactivate your profile. Eastlink will check if you change the company method. The platform can reactivate your profile if your company meets the conditions.

If you experience a situation and you would like to reclaim certain costs, please submit a request through the email address and include the following:

  • Your company name;
  • Name
  • Reason for refund

Your unique and secure environment is accessible by clicking on "log in" at the top right, then enter your username and password, and you can start immediately!

  • On the Eastlink login page, click on 'Forgot password
  • Enter your email address
  • You will receive a link by email to create a new password

It is only possible to change your address details via the website.

  • Go to 'My account' in the menu at the top right of your screen.
  • Click on 'my profile' and then change your contact details.

Yes, your payment details are stored securely.

Currently, it is only possible to change your payment details via the website:

  • Go to 'My Account in the menu at the top right of your screen
  • Click on 'billing.'
  • Adjust your details now.

Currently it is only possible to change your payment details via the website:

  • Go to 'My Account' in the menu at the top right of your screen
  • Click on 'Payments'
  • Then click on 'Change payment details'
  • Adjust your details now.

Eastlink is for every company with a project that has to be finished or for every company with time on their agenda for different projects.

Go to sign up and fill in your information. After you fill in your data, you will get a mail where you have to confirm your subscription. Now you can log in, complete your details, and place a project and/or bid on a project.

At the moment, you can try Eastlink for free with a trial period. When the trial period ends, there are three subscription options:

  • one month (you will pay every month till you end your subscription) - €49,95
  • six months (you will pay for a subscription period of 6 months, and after it, it will prolong automatically with six months) - €269,95
  • 12 months ( you will pay for a yearly subscription, this will extend automatically every year) - €509,95

Project on top - Give your project a boost and place it on top of all projects for a few days.

  • 10 days - €49,00
  • 14 days - €74,00
  • 21 days - €99,00
  • 30 days - €129,00

If you finish your project and the supplier gives you a review, you can read this review on your profile page. You can click on the stars and see all your reviews.

After your project is finished, you get an email with a link to the review page from your project.

When you enter the project page and login, you will see a box with the following text:

'You still have open reviews. Fill in your available reviews to get a review back and earn some review stars.

You can give your supplier some stars - one star = not satisfied, five stars = really satisfied. You can explain your star rate with a written examination to share your review more power.

A bad review can happen one time, but when you get a third bad review Eastlink will investigate why you have those reviews and if they are well grounded. During the investigation, you can still bid on projects, but you get a mark on your profile that companies can see that Eastlink is researching your method.

If the reviews are valid, your profile will be deleted from the platform for one year.

When you see a project, you can click on the button place bid to place your offer. You get a form where you have to fill in your information. When you fill in the form, you click on place bid, and your bid is placed.

You see a button with 'place project' in the right corner when logged in. You click on this button, and you will come to a page where you have to fill in all the information and upload all the necessary documents. When you fill in all the information, you click on place project and your project. Your project is now placed on the project page.