Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

Check the frequently asked questions and see if you can find an answer. If not, we invite you to contact us directly. We will help you with pleasure!

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Eastlink provides a business-2-business platform where supply and demand are coming together. The platform accelerates the search and request procedure by bidding on projects. This gives a clear few of how many suppliers there are and what the different prices are. Also it reduces the emission and hospitality costs because of less traveling. As company you will provide your network and reduces cost if you apply to the Eastlink platform.

After one year it's possible to revile a request to reactivate your profile. Eastlink will check if you change the company method. If your company meets the conditions the platform can reactivate your profile again.

Eastlink has different costs like subscription costs, success fee and project costs:

  • First three months are for free (get one free bid), after the first month you will pay automatically every month the chosen subscription fee.
  • Project on top – Give your project a boast and place it on top of all projects for a few days.
  • Succes fee – As client you will pay after three free revealed contact details 0,1% per extra revealed client.

We determine the lead price based on what the client enters. The amount therefore is:

Success fee for client: For every contact, after the three contacts for free, that the client choose, it pays 0,1%

When you as client place a project on the platform and you will reveal more than 3 contact details than 0.1% will be charged per supplier that you reveal on the amount offered by that supplier.

If you experience any of the above situations and would like to reclaim certain costs, please submit a request via email address and include the following:

  • Your company name;
  • Order number;
  • Reason for refund (at least one of the above reasons)

Requests that do not comply with the above guidelines will not be processed.


Other information

  • Not every refund request is approved.
  • Any approval depends on a close inspection;
  • To allow settlement on the current monthly invoice, the refund request must be submitted in full at the latest on the penultimate working day of the month;
  • The Service department usually assesses a refund request within 2 working days. You will be informed of the outcome by e-mail;
  • Eastlink is entitled to change this policy unilaterally at any time.

When a client shares contact details with you in case of mutual interest, we will charge the lead costs.

Your personal and secure environment is accessible on the website via this link . Click on "login" at the top right, then enter your username and password and you can start right away!

  • On the Eastlink login page click on 'Forgot password'
  • Enter your email address
  • You will receive a link by email to create a new password

It is only possible to change your address details via the website.

  • Go to 'My account' in the menu at the top right of your screen.
  • Click on 'Company details and then' Change address'.

Adjust your details now.

Yes, your payment details are stored securely

We only accept payment by direct debit. Your bank account details are stored securely for future use. The amount due is automatically settled on the 1st day of each month.

Currently it is only possible to change your payment details via the website:

  • Go to 'My Account' in the menu at the top right of your screen
  • Click on 'Payments'
  • Then click on 'Change payment details'
  • Adjust your details now.

Go to create an account and fill in your company information. After you fill in your company information Eastlink ask to authorize your payment method (1st month is for free), Eastlink authorize €0,01 from your card. After this authorization your subscription is successful.

Eastlink is for every company that has a project that has to be finished or for every company that has time in their agenda for extra projects.

I you finish your project and the supplier gives you a review you can read this review at your profile page. You can click on the stars and you will see all your reviews.

After your project is finished you get an email of the platform with a link to the review page from your project.

When you enter the project page when you logged in you will see a box with the following text: 'You have still open reviews, to get a review back and earn some review stars, fill in your open reviews.'

Click on Here you can give your supplier an amount of stars – 1 star = not satisfied, 5 stars = really satisfied. To give your review more power you can explain your star rate with a written review.

A bad review can happen one time but when you get a third bad review Eastlink will investigate why you have those reviews and if they are well grounded. During the investigation you can still bid on projects but you get an mark on your profile that companies can see that Eastlink is research your method.

If the reviews are valid, your profile will deleted from the platform for 1 year.

When you see a project, you can click on the button place bid for placing your offer for that project. You get a form where you have to fill in your information, when you fill in the form you click on place bid and your bid is been placed.

When you are logged in you see in the right corner a button with ‘place project’. You click on this button and you will come on a page where you have to fill in all the information. When you fill in all the information you click on place project and your project. Your project is now placed on the project page.