What Are The Advantages Of Reusing Shipping Containers



The creativity of humans knows no bounds. People transformed numerous objects designed for a single purpose into something totally different. Reusing is an inventive way to use old things and is critical for extending the life of important construction materials. Shipping containers are no exception.

Freight containers can be transported easily using several different types of transport. This is the most important feature of them, being intermodal. It can be translated as cost and efficiency savings throughout the supply chain. It also reduces waste and it has a huge environmental impact. Another quality of the shipping container is durability which makes them able to withstand handling and shipment.

Having these advantages, intermodal shipping containers have become one of the most important reusable storage and transport units in the world. Nowadays, reusing shipping containers has become a worldwide architectural trend. There are many possibilities to use shipping containers.


•           Restaurants and Events: Modified shipping containers are useful and practical during events like concerts, conferences, sporting events but also for ticket booths, kiosks, lounges, rest areas etc.


•           Storage Units, garages and workshops: Shipping containers are portable, which means they can be moved to different locations as the need arises. They can be also used as a garage or workshop for personal or professional use.


•           Offices, temporary housing for workers, canteens: Containers are fully functional offices that can be used wherever the job requires. They can be used as tiny home for temporary workers or canteens in work camps for oilfields or mining, construction site housing, military housing, border patrol housing etc.


•           Schools, laboratories and Portable Medical Units: In parts of the world where it isn’t feasible or even possible to build a traditional buildings, shipping containers are being used.  Because of their strength and durability they can be set in place and left for many years. In case of calamities, war or diseases, portable medical units and laboratories can save lives. It enables medical staff to treat people quickly and efficiently.

Using recycled inter-modal containers, basically modifying them, putting and sticking them together like legos as base structures for hotels, theaters and bistros has become a very fashionable trend presently. Other practical uses of these containers are: portable toilets, stores, studios, art gallery, sauna, disaster shelters, vacation homes, student housing facilities, swimming pools, urban centers, malls, nurseries, indoor garden, sport centers, bridges and the list can continue.

Reusing shipping containers, also known as “container architecture or cargotecture” has the advantages of being environmental friendly, time and cost effective and structural durability.