B2B Market is Growing Online



The development of business and finance sector all over the world is directly connected by the evolution of digital technology. The companies no longer sell the same and the client no longer buys the same way. From day to day, there is more competition, more supply and demand changes. The new demands of the market led to increase of new technologies and online business. Wherever there is a company that offers to sell, there will be a client who wants to buy. In Business to Business industry there is another type of relationship between two business entities, without end-customers or consumers.

Although the trend of a Business to Business platform is not new, but the evolution of technology has changed the way they function. New digital trading branding and feature have taken the place of traditional outreach methods to get in touch with targeted buyers or sellers.

Among the benefits that business-to-business contributes to the companies involved are:

•           Security and speed of communications.

•           Receiving more offers or demands, thus expanding the competition.

•           Depersonalization of the purchase, in this way avoid possible deals of favor.

•           Minimum effort: fewer commercial visits, faster negotiation process, etc. Consequently, buyers may ask details or sellers can increase their margins with a single click.

Eastlink is a B2B platform that facilitates international trade, focusing mainly on bringing the traders around the world closer to each other.  Additionally, next to the benefits mentioned, Eastlink has a new feature that helps the companies to get rid of their obsolete stock, by finding clients for it. Expanding internationally is the main focus of our website and for that reason, Eastlink offers FREE subscription until September 2022.