Essential B2B Platform Features



Ecommerce is bigger today than ever.

In 2019, the B2B e-commerce marketplace was valued at around $12.2 trillion, six times the value of the B2C market worldwide. International B2B trade has become far easier, faster and hassle-free than before, due to the internet and the world turning into a global marketplace.

Here are few of the names of B2B websites:

Amazon enjoys the highest position on the online retail industry. The platform offers one of the most user-friendly virtual marketplaces in the world. This helps international trading businesses growing and expanding. Amazon has taken the lead as the leading B2B marketplace in the North American region, having the largest collection of products on the platform. Another feature of Amazon is that is handling exceptional quality products, also being one of the fastest delivering B2B websites available in the world.

eWorldTrade is currently the leading B2B platform. One of their unique selling points is that they offer their members lists of verified and true buyers. Around thousands of manufacturers from different countries and cities register themselves on eWorldTrade on daily basis. The website offers a large list of products having the lowest prices with the highest quality.

Launched in 1999, Alibaba is the popular Chinese Group considered to be the market leader in the B2B industry of the Asian Pacific region. They are certainly one of the biggest companies in the industry having more than 35 million users worldwide. Alibaba is the leading E-commerce platform that offers business-to-business, consumer sales portals and retail. Also, the website offers data storage on cloud servers and it accepts online payment services along with a comparison search engine.

Since 1990 when it was founded, eBay has become one of the favorite B2B platforms for international trading organizations across the world. Mainly small and medium-sized companies prefer to use eBay for sourcing their products. eBay’s fast and timely deliveries has made it possible for the companies to become successful over the years.

Initially, AliExpress was founded as a B2C platform, and it is still considered as B2C platform. However, with its extensive range of products and its huge lists of buyers, manufacturers and sellers, AliExpress became one of the most desirable websites for small and medium international trading organizations.

EC21 is offering a wide range of goods, meeting the needs and requirements of business organizations, which are interested in B2C trading. This platform offers an amazing list of features, which makes it easier for all its users to find and trade products on it. EC21 has an attractive feature known as the Buyer Central, which allows its users, specifically buyers, to have ease in searching and finding products according to their requirements and specifications.

Global Sources is one of the most accomplished virtual B2B, functional for over 49 years. With almost three decades in the industry, the website offers more than 500 product categories to choose products from and altogether there are more than 25000 products on the platform.

ECplaza is one of the rapidly growing websites in South Korea. Founded in 1996, the main purpose was to create ease of trading and assisting B2B businesses in growing and expanding their businesses in the most efficient manner. Except than connecting sellers and buyers across the globe, ECplaza offers its members a wide range of services, which can make their B2B trading operations much easier and smoother.

Made-in-China is one of the most extraordinary B2B websites in the world. By the name of this B2B platform, it is clearly understood that most of the suppliers and manufacturers which are present on this website are based in China. As far as the level of success of this platform is concerned, this platform is one of the most rapidly growing B2B platforms across the planet. This virtual B2B marketplace offers an exceptional user-experience to all its users, making it very easy to trade internationally.

Newcomer on the B2B marketplace is Eastlink with an active, enthusiastic support team. As an innovation, Eastlink offers the companies two alternatives to operate the website:

The great feature of Eastlink is that the procurement time will become more time-efficient. Register for free on Eastlink and access the full power of this one-of-a-kind resource!