Three Tips to Choose the Best B2B Platform for your Business



There has never been a more perfect time to sell products and services online. The companies have an abundance of new opportunities to establish partnerships and use technology to reach new audiences.
In 2020, B2B e-commerce sales totaled $1.63 trillion representing a 50% increase over just two years.

What should the companies do to grab the opportunity and be part of the B2B marketplace? The answer is that they should dive in with both feet.

Every company has gone through the process of defining its brand identity and its audience, and teaming up with a marketplace could cause that identity to get lost in the shuffle. Here are some key points for the clients that need some hints on when or how to get started:
• Don’t wait for the invite: A successful B2B platform strategy requires clients to be proactive at every stage. Instead of waiting to be contacted by a B2B platform, the companies should identify marketplaces that align with their brand and reach out directly. Eastlink is the perfect B2B platform that connects clients with suppliers and sellers with buyers worldwide.

• Look for multiple marketplaces: Selling on multiple marketplaces allows the companies to increase their potential revenue and create a safety net for their business — if one platform underperforms, other ones could make up the difference in revenues. Eastlink offers unique opportunities for partnerships that add value to the customer. Additionally, the client can opt into different marketplaces that each target unique geographies and unique customer segments. A multi-marketplace strategy that allows wider exposure and can increase geographic reach.

• Choose platforms that invest in the seller experience: Not all B2B platforms are alike. When choosing a potential partner, the companies should carefully evaluate what that B2B platform brings to the table. Eastlink invests in the clients’ success by creating campaigns and promotions for their projects. Also, Eastlink’s subscribers have the possibility of uploading their logo brand on Eastlink main page and having their projects on the top of the page.

Eastlink is looking to align with partners with which they can grow together. Analysts forecast that over time, B2B platforms will become a crucial pillar in the sales strategies of most B2B organizations, facilitating positive, efficient, and high-value customer experiences.