The Benefits of using Eastlink



The B2B marketplace has seen massive growth in recent years. Regardless the industry, the enterprises started to be part of this new wave of doing business online. The analysts identified five positive effects on the companies offering online B2B services:

The days when B2B customers requested physical sales visits, long phone calls with their suppliers, and numerous emails are gone. On the other hand, procurement is a complex process, involving a lot of paperwork, discussions and analysis that is time-consuming. Using Eastlink, a company has the potential to simplify the sales and procurement functions greatly and lead to increased efficiency, as well as time and cost savings for the business. The main aim of Eastlink is to streamline the purchasing process and make it faster and more efficient. Doing this, it’s enhancing transparency throughout the entire process.

B2B customers of today are demanding 24/7 availability and access. The companies are constantly evaluating their sales and procurement processes to identify the points that could be improved and looking for opportunities that have the potential to both save time and boost their profit margins.

Eastlink knows no boundaries – whether a company is US-based or in Europe, the clients can use the platform at anytime from anywhere. That’s very practical for all the parties involved in the process.

All these benefits give the companies the advantage to focus on more strategic activities, such as supplier relationship management or category management. However, the key to success for a company is to train its staff to get the most out of digitalization and data insights so that they can work more efficiently. The automation will not replace the people on the team.

Eastlink is the virtual partner which is searching for the best suppliers and clients for your business – worldwide - offering a wide-ranging choice of manufacturers for quality and high-volume production and securing the best price for your request. 


Working smarter not harder is one of the main benefits of using Eastlink!