Eastlink B2B Mobile App



According to recent studies, mobile devices drive over 45% of B2B e-commerce transactions for leading organizations. That’s a wide-reaching market but this is only the beginning. According to Forbes, B2B e-commerce will grow to $7.6 trillion by 2023, with most operations being mobile.

Traditionally, the B2B marketplace is desktop-oriented but lately, B2B customers look for the same digital experience they encounter as consumers in B2C. It means that more B2B clients want a straightforward, simple, transparent purchase process – but also that more people are making purchases online using mobile devices.

The mobile application Eastlink B2B was created to offer an easier, faster experience that makes the whole process more fluent.

Here are the main advantages of using Eastlink B2B app:




Eastlink B2B app simplifies business workflow or fulfills industry-specific production needs. In almost all cases, Eastlink B2B streamlines operations and makes life easier for business users and big-picture organizational goals. 

Eastlink B2B is an internet-based application which is available both for Android and IOS devices.