Eastlink, the Marine B2B Marketplace



Among many things altered by the COVID-19 pandemic is how ships purchase their supplies, a practice that’s now carried out primarily through e-commerce channels.

Into this mix comes Eastlink, a marine e-procurement B2B marketplace with a digitized supply procuring service and an open platform designed for both ship owners and suppliers.

Despite being the most significant mode of transport, the global maritime industry suffers from operational inefficiencies, lack of visibility, and transparency leading to commercial leakages. Ship owners, operators and chartering agencies are now focused on technology to ensure high vessel uptime with digital systems.

Digital platforms play a fundamental role in disrupting maritime legacy processes. Inefficient and legacy workflows in ships are gradually giving way to automated remote management. 

Eastlink aims to improve efficiency in the vast marine procurement industry which has a US $95 billion global market size.

Eastlink is a B2B marketplace of professional operators belonging to the international marine industry. By joining our marketplace, you will have the opportunity to create new business relationships and seize opportunities for the growth of your business.

Do you need to connect with companies that you don't know?

Do you need to sell your obsolete stocks or services in a country that you haven’t yet explored?

Do you need to make your company known in maritime sector by adequately positioning your brand?

Eastlink is the perfect solution for all the maritime companies worldwide, available in desktop and app versions.

Eastlink enables ship-owners and service providers to transact confidently, efficiently and transparently.

Eastlink shapes the marine industry’s future by using cutting edge technology to create business opportunities and connections. For more information, please visit www.eastlink.eu