Eastlink, the Marine B2B Marketplace-Part 2



The marine industry has different business operations levels, dealing with strict conditions and requiring unique certifications. To perform and remain constantly competitive in the market, businesses in this industry must rely on optimizing their existing technological resources.

In today’s competitive maritime market, inefficiency kills margins. Eastlink helps companies stay solid and alive and these are some benefits of using it:


Eastlink maintains and increases profitability by bringing purchasers and suppliers closer together and eliminating unnecessary steps in the procurement chain. Whether a company places a project in search of suppliers or sells its obsolete stock, Eastlink puts the global maritime marketplace at its fingertips!

Eastlink’s digital purchasing platform and integrated marketplace gather the world’s products and suppliers in one convenient location, via a single, simple interface. Eastlink’s unique platform enables any supplier or manufacturer to sell to the global market and purchase ship supplies directly from manufacturers, guaranteeing the shortest possible delivery times, the most transparent ordering process, and the lowest possible acquisition prices.

Eastlink helps buyers and suppliers replace traditional, inefficient, costly spot-buying process with a leaner and more efficient direct-order process. This maritime marketplace ensures higher data quality from the start of the transaction, ensuring the most accurate orders and deliveries.